Healthcare Solutions


Healthcare adopts innovative digital displays to improve patient care and enhance employee efficiency.
Interactive patient information kiosks, digital signage for waiting areas, and wayfinding displays streamline the patient journey.
For healthcare professionals, digital screens offer real-time data, training modules, and communication tools, elevating overall healthcare delivery and employee satisfaction.

Our Capabilities

Digital solutions are key to effectively communicating health related messages and hospital services.
Consider waiting rooms for patients Showing wait times, entry points with way-finding services to assist the public and healthcare staff with employer updates or safety warnings.

We have the technologies and expertise to assist as an ‘end to end’ solutions provider.

Supporting NSW Health at Liverpool Hospital and Royal Prince Alfred with way-finding solutions
and needs of medical specialist clients.

Ellex a medical client required ‘certified medical devices’ where we proudly and successfully commissioned technical digital displays integrated with medical equipment.

We have the B2B capability and expertise to meet your digital requirements within the healthcare sectors.

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