Corporate environments integrate digital displays to foster dynamic interactions and a modern workplace.
Interactive lobby screens, digital signage for internal communications, and video walls for presentations enhance the customer experience.
For employees, digital displays provide real-time data, training resources, and collaboration tools, promoting productivity and engagement.

Finance & Banking

The finance and banking sector embraces digital displays to deliver personalized customer experiences.
Interactive touchscreen kiosks, digital signage for promotions, and queue management systems streamline customer interactions.
For employees, digital screens offer real-time data, training modules, and productivity tools, enhancing operational efficiency and overall customer satisfaction.


Government agencies leverage digital displays to enhance communication and engagement with citizens and employees.
Informative public displays provide real-time updates, emergency alerts, and community information, improving customer experience.
Internally, digital screens facilitate seamless communication, employee training, and productivity enhancement, fostering a more efficient and connected workforce.


Healthcare adopts innovative digital displays to improve patient care and enhance employee efficiency.
Interactive patient information kiosks, digital signage for waiting areas, and wayfinding displays streamline the patient journey.
For healthcare professionals, digital screens offer real-time data, training modules, and communication tools, elevating overall healthcare delivery and employee satisfaction.


The industrial sector leverages digital displays to optimize customer engagement and employee productivity.
From interactive product demonstrations to real-time data visualization, digital screens enhance the customer experience.
Internally, digital displays facilitate communication, training, and process monitoring, contributing to a safer and more efficient work environment.


Retail digital displays transform traditional shopping into a captivating journey.
These cutting-edge screens showcase dynamic content, personalised offers, and real-time information, captivating shoppers and influencing purchase decisions.
From interactive product catalogues to virtual try-ons, these displays heighten engagement, inspire brand loyalty, and elevate the overall shopping experience.


Museum digital displays redefine the visitor experience, blending art, culture, and technology.
Interactive touchscreens, immersive projections, and multimedia installations engage patrons on a deeper level, fostering curiosity and learning.
Seamlessly integrating historical narratives, virtual exhibits, and personalised content, these displays enrich the customer journey, creating unforgettable and educational moments.

Real Estate

Real Estate integrates digital displays to revolutionize property marketing and elevate customer experiences.
Interactive property listings, virtual tours, and neighborhood information engage prospective buyers.
Internally, digital screens streamline communication, training, and sales tracking, empowering agents to provide exceptional service and enhance overall customer satisfaction.

Quick Service Restaurants

The Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) digital menu board industry revolutionises dining experiences worldwide.
Utilising advanced technology, eye-catching graphics, and interactive elements, digital menu boards enhance customer engagement, drive sales, and streamline menu updates.
This dynamic solution empowers QSRs to display enticing offerings, promotions, and nutritional information, optimising operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.


Education institutions integrate digital displays to transform the learning environment, enrich the student, and staff experience.
Interactive classrooms, digital bulletin boards, and visual aids foster student engagement and knowledge retention.
For staff, digital screens streamline communication, training sessions, and administrative tasks, promoting productivity and creating a modern educational ecosystem.


Leading brands harness the power of digital displays to create immersive and personalised customer experiences.
Interactive product showcases, digital signage for promotions, and augmented reality installations engage consumers.
For employees, digital screens offer training modules, real-time data, and collaboration tools, driving productivity and fostering a positive work environment.


The hospitality sector embraces digital displays to enhance guest experiences and improve employee efficiency.
Interactive concierge kiosks, digital menu boards, and wayfinding displays streamline guest interactions.
For employees, real-time communication, training modules, and scheduling tools optimise operations, fostering a positive work environment and ensuring seamless guest service.

Casinos & Gaming

Casinos and gaming embrace cutting-edge digital displays to captivate players and elevate their experiences.
Interactive video walls, dynamic slot screens, and immersive visuals create an alluring atmosphere, enhancing customer engagement and loyalty.
Additionally, digital displays streamline employee communications, training, and operations, contributing to a seamless and efficient gaming environment.

Prototyping & POC

At IDS Digital Displays, prototyping and Proof of Concept (POC) activities play a pivotal role in the development process.
These activities follow a systematic approach and are always collaboratively developed between IDS Digital Displays, our clients, the design team and the manufacturers.


IDS Digital Displays specialises in custom design collaborations, seamlessly integrating advanced technologies like interactive displays and IoT elements.
We prioritise tailored aesthetics to align with brand identity and architectural context.
With in-house manufacturing, precision and quality control are maintained.
Comprehensive project management oversees the process from ideation to installation, ensuring smooth execution and timely delivery.

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