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About Content Management Software

IDS provides a professional CMS platform fully packed with features and designed to manage all types of signage screens. Reliable and extremely easy, our CMS is used to power large and small networks in more than 100 countries.

A content management system is for creating, managing, and optimizing your customers’ digital experience.

The platform runs in the cloud, all you need to access it is a web browser. Our servers are secure, scalable and built with full redundancy, so your screens never stop!
To present the content on your screens, you need a small computer, or as we call it, a Player. Our platform is software agnostic with the largest list of compatible hardware in the market!

Key Information

At a glance points to consider

  • Our CMS solutions are designed for easily and intuitively managing and displaying content on digital screens.
  • It offers cloud-based digital signage management, allowing users to remotely control and update content across multiple displays.
  • The platform supports various types of media, including images, videos, and interactive content.
  • IDSCMS provides scheduling and content management features to ensure the right content is displayed at the right time.
  • It supports a range of hardware devices, including smart TVs, media players, and digital signage displays.
  • The software is user-friendly and does not require extensive technical knowledge to set up and operate.
  • It offers features like real-time monitoring and reporting to track the performance of digital signage campaigns.
  • IDS Digital solutions offer customer support and resources to assist users in optimising their digital signage strategies.

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