Case Study: Bankstown Sports Club

About the Client

Client Profile: Bankstown Sports Club (BSC) is one of the premier entertainment and leisure venues in New South Wales, Australia, catering to a diverse range of members and guests. With a commitment to enhancing the customer experience, BSC sought to leverage digital technology to communicate, engage, and entertain its patrons.

Client Needs: Bankstown Sports Club approached IDS Digital Displays with a comprehensive requirement to enhance the customer experience within their sprawling entertainment complex. The client envisioned an immersive environment that seamlessly blended technology, information dissemination, and aesthetics to engage visitors, improve wayfinding, ensure safety communication, and enhance program displays.

Solution by IDS Digital Displays

  1. Thorough Assessment and Analysis: IDS initiated the project by collaborating closely with Bankstown Sports Club’s team to comprehensively understand their existing IT infrastructure, connectivity capabilities, and power availabilities. This meticulous analysis formed the foundation for crafting a tailored digital display solution.
  2. Customized Hardware and Content Proposals: IDS devised various configurations and sizes of digital displays that were meticulously assessed and approved by BSC. The proposed displays were strategically positioned to cater to different touchpoints within the venue, facilitating content dissemination, wayfinding assistance, safety messaging, and dynamic program displays.
  3. Seamless Installation and Integration: IDS undertook the installation process with precision, activating the hardware and seamlessly integrating it with the IDS-supplied content management system. This integration involved collaboration with other stakeholders, including builders, point-of-sale fabricators, electricians, data integrators, and architects to ensure a harmonious implementation.
  4. Comprehensive Documentation and Training: IDS ensured that BSC was equipped to maximize the potential of the installed displays. The team provided detailed user manuals, installation instructions, and conducted extensive training sessions for BSC staff. This training covered both hardware operation and the efficient utilization of the IDS content management system.

Results and Benefits:

  1. Enhanced Customer Engagement: The strategically positioned digital displays effectively captured the attention of visitors, offering engaging and informative content that elevated their overall experience.
  2. Effortless Wayfinding: The digital displays facilitated seamless wayfinding, helping patrons navigate the expansive venue effortlessly.
  3. Safety Messaging: Important safety messages were conveyed in real-time, ensuring the well-being of visitors and adhering to regulatory requirements.
  4. Dynamic Program Displays: The dynamic displays allowed for flexible program updates, ensuring that guests were always informed about the latest events and activities.
  5. Integrated Solution: The collaborative approach of IDS in working with various stakeholders ensured a harmonious integration of the digital displays into the venue’s environment.
  6. Empowered Staff: Through thorough training and user-friendly documentation, BSC staff became proficient in managing both the hardware and the content management system, enabling them to provide exceptional service to visitors.

Client Satisfaction: Bankstown Sports Club expressed overwhelming satisfaction with IDS Digital Displays’ comprehensive solution. The transformed customer experience, efficient wayfinding, effective safety communication, and dynamic program displays aligned perfectly with the club’s objectives. IDS’s commitment to collaboration, detailed implementation, and comprehensive training left a lasting positive impact on BSC.

Conclusion: The successful implementation of digital displays by IDS at Bankstown Sports Club exemplifies the transformative potential of technology in enhancing customer experiences. By closely understanding the client’s needs, providing tailored solutions, and ensuring seamless integration, IDS Digital Displays not only met but exceeded expectations, leaving a significant mark on the entertainment and leisure landscape.