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Our Digital Touch Tablets are available in eleven sizes. The iDISPLAY android Touch Tablets range from 8 inch up to 55 inch and all have the same operating system with Pulse software for easy loading of content. The iDISPLAY Tablets are manufactured specifically for commercial use with proven longevity of use in various public museums and entertainment venues


Our Digital Kiosks are available in both touch and non-touch models. The Kiosks are offered in two different categories being the Premium Model and the Budget Models. Content Management Systems are either included or can be added. Across the range in both product types you have a choice of sizes from 22 inch up to 55 inch and customised larger sizes can be made to order. Windows version available with Android the standard model


Premium Kiosks

Razor Kiosk 42” & 47”

The RAZOR Kiosk is available in Touch and Non-touch in sizes of 42 and 47 inch in full HD. The Razor is the real work horse of our Digital Kiosks.

The Kiosks comes complete with media player included and DSA Standby Player Management for easy uploading of images via usb. With the inclusion of IDS Content Management System images and video files can be uploaded remotely via the internet.

These units are working in many entertainment venues 24/7 with pleasing results over several years of continuous reliable operation.

BLADE Kiosk 47” & 55”

The BLADE Kiosk is also available in Touch and non-touch in sizes of 47 and 55 inch. The Blade has a slimline look with a 32mm deep frame.

Like the razor Kiosks the units come complete with DSA Standby Player Management for usb uploading of images and can be upgraded to IDS CMS for remote content management. Both the Razor and Blade Kiosks are portable and fully mobile within your venue as they are equipped with wheels that can be retracted for a stationary and permanent location.

Features common to both models are lockable doors and a fast Minix z-64bit processor. See specification sheets for more information.

Budget Kiosks

BUDGET Kiosks 21.5/32/49/55”

Our Budget Kiosk Range offers an alternate product with a price advantage. They are well made and have proven to be very reliable.

Our Content Management System can be added to the Budget Kiosks to enable remote Uploading of content and complete scheduling of images and videos. For more detailed information see specification sheets.

Available in Android and Windows platform.

Can be built to larger sizes by order up to 75 inch

Touch tablets

The iDISPLAY Touch Tablets have built a very strong reputation for making Tough and Commercial Grade Touch Tablets. iDISPLAY Android Tablets are available in eleven sizes from 8 inch up to 55 inch and are designed to hide the controls on the rear of the units to prevent unwanted tampering.

Powered by Pulse technology the tablets are a fully interactive commercial display that uses capacitive touch, built in Wi-Fi and LAN, and a host of integrated features that work in either landscape or portrait format. With the option to expand to 3G services. See specification sheets for each size model.

Specification sheet


A complete range of Floor Stands, and mounting brackets are available to complement the Tablets. These cover Wall mounts, Desk Mounts and Floor Mount Stands which can display the tablet in either vertical or Horizontal formats.

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